Hopes for Meeting for Worship

A wonderful description of the experience of traditional Quaker “open worship.”

Through the Flaming Sword

What do we hope for when we gather for worship?

I hope that I will sink down into my depths where there awaits a promise of peace and fullness and wholeness, of openness to God’s calling, and of quiet and sublime joy in the presence of my Guide.

But I can have all of that in my private meditation. I join others in worship in the hope of something more. I hope for the gathered meeting. I hope that the wings of the Holy Spirit will cover us with its peace and fullness and wholeness, and fill us together with a deep and sublime joy.

I hope that, when I reach my own depths, I will be joined there by my fellow worshippers and we will find ourselves in the presence of—well, that is a Mystery, for all that it is also a Reality.

I hope that we will find…

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