…  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. – Revelation 3:20 and 22  

*   *   *

The first time I heard free Gospel ministry in meeting, I was repulsed. Revulsion rose in me. Sin? Quakers? Satan? How dare anyone mention such darkness! Now I see that darkness all too clearly in those who reject the Light of the world. I am grateful to the Friends who taught the power of yielding and surrender to Almighty God. Because of my training in Yoga – in meditation, especially – I was quite aware of the nuances of Friends’ Meeting and the movement of the Holy Spirit. But immediately after accepting Christ as Lord and Savior – an act that meant dropping all the intellectual and emotional resistance within me – I realized I had been seeing only half of the life of the meeting. A new reality – strength and depth – opened before me. Obviously, we can learn from other spiritual paths – but not at the price of abandoning our own. We can learn to sit more quietly, with greater focus. We can learn, again, to fast and to maintain our bodies more fitly for service. We can learn what it means to offer ourselves up as living sacrifices. But we must also be careful, lest we clutter our path and stumble. Scripture reminds us how close abominations like infant sacrifice lie to our own calling. There are many spirits, but only one Holy Spirit. Friends forget that Satan is a spirit, too. Quote Penington and the Bible on the dangers of trying to “do it”  (spiritual/goodness/”self-improvement”) on our own – in our own light rather than His Light. Where is the POWER of our modern meetings? Low state in the reports, etc. O heard one described as one big group therapy session – without turning to the Cure.

*   *   *

That there are many that have borne false Witness against them, yet … their Accusers contradict one another (for both seem to grant we own a Christ) which well they may do, since they differ in Principles amongst themselves; however they agree thus far like Herod and Pilate, to unite against Jesus, so have they against his Followers. (Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655?-1685)

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