Now the two of them, the human and his wife, were nude, yet they were not ashamed. – Genesis 2:25 (Everett Fox translation)

*   *   *

So where does shame originate? Especially shame of the human body?

Don’t blame the serpent, either.

Could it be they simply got cold? The kids weren’t yet on the scene.

Human-husband and wife, eh? They’ve obviously been fooling around, and ever so delightfully.

*   *   *

Neither is there any Creature that is not manifest in his Sight, but all Things are naked and open unto the Eyes of him with whom we have to do, even as it is written. … This is that Word to whom the Scriptures directs us, as a Light unto our Feet, and a Lanthorn unto our Paths, to guide our Feet into the Way of Peace; the very Entrance of which giveth Light; yea, it giveth Understanding to the Simple. (Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655?-1685)

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