Though he punishes you for your iniquities,
he will take pity on you all;
he will gather you from every nation
wherever you have been scattered.
If you return to him
with all your heart and all your soul,
behaving honestly towards him,
then he will return to you
and hide his face from you no longer. – Tobit 13:5-6 (NJB)

*   *   *

Tobit tells of the importance of remaining devoted to God’s way, even in Exile. In the course of the events he relates, he is blinded – in his case, by the hot falling drops from sparrows – but just as important, in time is sight is restored. In effect, of course, it is more than restored, it’s enhanced.

*   *   *

For ’tis still but one Thing that I am describing, although rendred by divers Names: Inasmuch as the sure Word of Prophecy, and the Day-star here spoken of, differ only in Degrees, not in Nature and Kind; both which Expressions denote to us, that one Gift of Light and Grace through Christ Jesus, freely bestowed on all Men, and according to the Improvement that they make of their Measures, so an Increase thereof is administred to them. (Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655?-1685)

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