the commandment which you have heard from the beginning, to live a life of love 2 John 6

*   *   *

How many ways can we define love? Greek has words to encompass sexual passion (eros), affection like that of a parent and child (storge), brotherly love (philos), unconditional love (agape). Of course, there are other degrees and types of love, such as a love of learning or a love of horses. We know they are all different, the same way we tell a daughter we love her or a parent or a best friend. They are also all special.

How do we keep love alive at all stages of our day?

If, as my Bible dictionary says, love is the nature of God, then praying without ceasing keeps our focus. If we can.

*   *   *

Yea, though you may be come but to the Dawning of this Day of God, where you can discern but the Glimmering of its Light appear, which may at present shew you Trouble, and minister Condemnation to your Souls for your evil Deeds, placing Judgment on your Heads, making you possess the Punishment of your Iniquities that are past, so that instead of Peace, you may have great Bitterness; yet be persuaded to dwell in the Judgment; wait patiently upon God, who draweth near to you in the Way thereof, and I will assure, in this Light you shall see more Light, and in it Consolation and Salvation shall be enjoyed. (Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655?-1685)



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