in him we live, and move, and have our being Acts 17:28

*   *   *

Yes, thee will get answers in venturing outside of the Plain churches. And often thee will feel the power of the Holy Spirit at work. I believe that anybody who preaches the gospel – the power of Christ Risen – will unleash some of that power, even if they are preaching only a fraction of that gospel. But I also believe that since the time of the early church, few truly desired and attempted to live in the full gospel – the complete new covenant – which is, indeed, a fearful undertaking. The others cling to their hireling pastors, their preplanned services, their pre-Christian and pagan rituals, or their “cultural and ethnic heritage”; they insist on certain “ordinances” that are not scriptural and then totally ignore those that Christ commands; they send their young men off to kill in war and put their faith into the idolatry of nuclear weaponry; they live in the world of television, cosmetics, deodorants, rock music, flashy cars, and so on.

Thee knows the whole list, and is probably already voicing, “Yes, Jnana, and we Friends and Mennonites and Brethren are guilty of this as well.”

So keep thy focus, in all things.

*   *   *

And you of tender Years, who are void of Worldly Cares, be ye aware of Pleasures, Pride, and Wordly Honours, for these may be your Snares. (Elizabeth Bathurst, 1655?-1685)



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