The Daybook project now officially comes to a close. It’s been an intense and enlightening enterprise, but for me now comes a time of moving onward on other fronts. Since the entries remain posted in the archive, you are certainly invited to call them up through the year ā€“ especially if you came aboard once we were well in progress.

One of the biggest surprises for me has come in the participation, as it were, by Elizabeth Bathurst, a brilliant though little known Quaker from the early days of the movement. Setting up the daily presentations in their three-part format and leaving the third one to her, they often seemed to pop up as a mini-Quaker Meeting for worship, with messages that were not intended to flow neatly one into the next but rather bounce off each other, the way the Spirit often moves in our gathered silence. I hope Elizabeth has found an appreciation and welcome in a new circle of Friends today.

The next question is just where this blog is headed in the coming year. The pace of postings will slow down, for certain. For the first half of the year, at least, these will present a monthly consideration of new ways Friends might go about doing the things that keep us together as a community of faith. There will also be photos of Quaker meetinghouses and related scenes.

And I imagine there will be some wild-card kinds of entries.

Thank you for sitting with me through the past year. Let’s see what else develops.


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