Early Friends had a remarkable concept of the Inward Light. Just listen to Elizabeth Bathurst (1655?-1685):

  • Now since God himself is said in Scripture to dwell and walk in his People, why should it be thought arrogant for them to say, Christ in them is the Hope of their Glory? According to that of the Apostle, Col. i. 27.
  • To whom God would make known what is the Riches of the Glory of this Mystery among the Gentiles, Christ in you the Hope of Glory … That the great Gospel-Treasure is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Glory of that Treasure is Christ in us.
  • That in being guided by the Light, which is the Spirit of Christ, within us, hereby a sure Hope of Eternal Glory is given to us: However, we do not conclude Christ in ourselves only, but we say, a Measure of his Light, in order to shew the Way of Life, every Man is, or hath been enlightned with.
  • Now whoso knoweth this Name of Jesus to be given unto them, and effectually to have wrought in them, they can truly witness him to be the Arm of God’s Salvation.
  • Nor yet do we include him in the fleshly Temples of Men and Womens Hearts, so as to exclude him from being anywhere else; but as we know his Presence fills Heaven and Earth, so we believe, that notwithstanding his Appearance in our Hearts, he is continually at the Right-hand of God, at the Right-hand of the Majesty on high, ever living to make Intercession for us, and by his Spirit we feel the Signification thereof within us.
  • And this was it that Christ promised, when he was about to leave his Disciples, as to his personal Presence amongst them, at which their Hearts began to be sorrowful, he therefore tells them, to comfort them, He that dwelleth with you shall be in you.
  • Thereby he meant himself, who then was present with, but passing from them in the Flesh, would come again unto them, and abide for ever with them in the Spirit.
  • For the Lord is that Spirit, saith the Apostle.

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