I know of no other collection like the Bible. One of the best descriptions of what occurs in a 1953 statement by Friends General Conference:

The Bible means a “library.” It contains the records of the search for God by the Hebrews (Jews); and as they grew and changed, so did their idea of God. The Bible contains myths, legends, poetry, laws, prophecies, history, biography, drama, short stories, and novels, as well as the oldest riddle in the world, the oldest detective story, and the oldest battle-hymn. … Of course the Bible was written by many people over hundreds of years. Not all of it applies to our problems today: not all of it is about good men [or good women], but the more we read, the more fascinated we become and the more we want to read and study. If we do this intelligently, we will find the Bible truly a source of joy, help, and interest all our lives and a pathway to God for each one of us.

The collection also contains Wisdom literature, rigorous extensions of theology (Job, Romans, and Hebrews), administrative decisions (the epistles), personal letters (the epistles, again), and basic day-to-day regulations ranging from Kosher diets to issues of social justice and peace. While the books of the Hebrew Bible were carefully copied and proof-read over centuries, those of the New Testament was often written and copied quickly on the run, errors and all.


In the Daybook this blog presented last year, I hoped to give readers a sampling of those riches.


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