Just listen to Elizabeth Bathurst (1655?-1685):

  • The Apostle spake Wisdom among them that were perfect.
  • This now is the Word of Faith, which is again preach’d by those whom the World in Scorn call Quakers: And though such Preaching be accounted foolish by the learned Rabbies of our Age; yet let them know, ’tis by the Foolishness of Preaching that God is pleased to save them that believe.
  • That all who may be rightly denominated Quakers, such as tremble at the Word of God, they are of the Faith of One Substance, which the ancient Christians so earnestly contended for, and suffered such hard Things in maintaining, to wit, that Christ the blessed Son of God (as to his Divinity) was of the same Eternal Substance with the Father …
  • Therefore those that deny Perfection to be attained by the Lord’s People, do in Effect deny Christ the one Offering.
  • Thus I have again touch’d upon the former Particulars, wherein I undertook to vindicate Truth and its Followers; in all which Christ, the Light and Life of Man, is all in all unto his People.
  • Which Doctrine, though it be firmly founded in Scripture, yet it is rejected and set at nought, because ’tis believed by the Quakers, notwithstanding which, they freely confess, that a perfect Principle they plead for, and press the Necessity and Benefit of Man’s believing and Conformity to it.

3 thoughts on “Regarding a disciplined faith

    1. The Quaker understanding was that we might be perfect when and if we moved faithfully in the Light. But we also faced the danger of running ahead of it or stepping outside of it. That, in itself, could keep one humbled.

      1. Yes I spent a long time reading old texts about just such things in the British Library – and the people who stepped out of it or ran ahead t0o. Thanks for the post.

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