Just listen to Elizabeth Bathurst (1655?-1685):

  • Sanctification and Justification. Put both these together, because though I do grant they may be distinguished, yet I cannot see how they can be divided, being so near of Kin, that if one languish, t’other cannot but greatly mourn.
  • True indeed, all are not sanctified and made perfect by him, although this was the End of his Coming, that he might finish Transgression, and make an End of Sin, and this was the Will of the Father in sending him, to wit, our thorough Sanctification; but this is not because all have not a Knowledge and Manifestation of his Light, or spiritual Appearance of him in themselves, but because all do not believe in, and obey this his Appearance.
  • Yet do they [Quakers] not expect to be saved, neither for their Faith alone, nor by their Works, but by Christ who worketh true Faith.
  • Thus do they commend themselves to every Man’s Conscience in the Sight of God, by turning them to the Light of Jesus, the Power of God manifest within, which, as ’tis yielded to and obeyed, maketh free from Sin, which still is that one Thing that I am writing concerning, viz. A Principle of Divine Light and Life in Christ Jesus, according to the Apostle’s Record.
  • In him was Life, and the Life was the Light of Men: And this Light, I say, however it may be called, ’tis the Shining of the Sun of Righteousness in Men’s Consciences: ‘Tis not Conscience, which some have described to be a reflex Act of the Mind, whereby Men view their past Actions, the which accuses them for what they have done ill, and approveth of what they have done well; though this be more than some there are will allow in this Matter, yet is this too short to express its noble Nature: For this Principle doth as well shew Men the Sin of their future evil Purposes and Intentions, as set before them the Iniquity of their former Actions.
  • Therefore I say, ’tis not Conscience, for that is but a created Faculty; but that of God placed in the Conscience has its Being from all Eternity, For he that sheweth unto Man his Thoughts, is the same that formed the Mountains, and created the Winds, whose Name is the Lord of Hosts, as saith the Prophet Amos.
  • This is the Seed of the Kingdom of Heaven; for Heaven’s Kingdom is within, as Christ said.
  • Hear ye therefore the Parable of the Sower, saith Christ, When any one heareth the Word of the Kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his Heart: This is he that received Seed by the Wayside, &c.
  • And this Knowledge of himself, the Father is pleased to dispense to Men, in and through the Son of his Love, Christ Jesus our Lord, who is come a Light into the World (saith Christ) that whosoever believeth in me, shall not abide in Darkness. And therefore I believe, and am well assured, this is the one Faith, whereunto many Thousands by the Lord have been gathered, viz. That the God of all Grace hath sent his Son into the World, a free Gift unto the World; and hath given a Measure of his Light and Spirit, to manifest and reveal him unto all Men.
  • ‘Tis to those that are faithful unto Death, to whom is promised a Crown of Life. Such as are implanted into Christ, and abide in him, they shall inherit the Kingdom.

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