I have some trouble with the idea of addressing anyone as “Pastor So-and-so,” much less “The Reverend.” To me, these expressions fall under those Jesus banished in Matthew 23:8-12. Ditto for addressing Ph.D’s as “Doctor So-and-so.” (One radio preacher the other day: “People ask why I don’t use ‘Dr. Howard’ [or whatever] or even ‘the Rev. Dr. Howard.’ Know what I tell them? ‘I’m not even a nurse, much less a doctor.’” Amen.) And a definite no-no for any priest, seeking the honorary “Father.” Traditionally, Friends didn’t even use “Mr.” and “Mrs.” – and employed Doctor only in a professional relationship with a physician or dentist. Finding ways around these are not always easy, though. Care to really miff some puffy profs? (Might be healthy for them, though.)


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