When I graduated from college, I hardly expected to survive past my mid-thirties, and the way things were going, maybe I wasn’t far off the mark. On the other hand, I never anticipated the turns this journey has taken.

I had envisioned myself either returning to my hometown and writing for a newspaper that no longer exists, or else working in the heart of a large metropolis with its range of concerts, galleries, lectures, and theater, possibly after going back for a law degree. Of course, neither way opened, but the ashram route did. I, who started out somewhere between agnostic and logical positivist, was now on a spiritual pathway that would lead me to our meetinghouse.

Looking back on my adult life, the only thing that’s made sense has been this spiritual dimension. Each geographic move, ostensibly in pursuit of a career, actually introduced the next step in an expanding faith and practice.

Yes, I’ve been blessed and have nearly everything that matters, though it resembles none of what I imagined.

Adapted from STILLWATER

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